Get People Interested with Representative Portrait

Get People Interested with Representative Portrait

Representative portrait photograph of a product is very important to get people interested in buying your products. Because everyone knows that through the internet, of course, the prospective buyer can not directly see the product you are selling.

Then, how can you can get a good result portrait photo? Here are some tips that can help you make a good product photo.

1. Provide a special time to take pictures. Try so that you can concentrate fully for photographing your products. If in a hurry, the results of your product photos will appear to be maximized and is less good.

2. Photographing in the afternoon. If you use a standard camera equipment (not a professional camera or photography services, or a photo studio), better use sun power for lighting. It is important to note because the power light flash from the camera sometimes makes a different color than the original product and its strength is not sufficient to be able to display the beauty of your product. Also if your product includes objects that can reflect light and you use a flash light, it would seem there is reflection of light on your product.

3. Set your product. Do not just take pictures, for clothing products, install the product on a mannequin, open pleats, and if possible, the iron first for the ex-crease invisible. Put the model, so that prospective buyers can imagine its shape when worn.

4. Notice the details. If the product has the detail you want highlighted, take photos from several angles. And also close-up detail in the photo studio that wanted to be disclosed.

5. Take some pictures for one product. This will enable you to select the best photos will be displayed.

6. Use a plain backdrop. Whenever possible use a plain background to facilitate the editing process.

7. Edit images before upload. The amount of image files that we upload speed affects the download website / blog. Adjust the resolution and size of the image that is uploaded. Usually enough resolution "web friendly" is vga resolution (800 × 600 pixels).

8. Be creative! Do not just take pictures of products as it is. Add other elements that can enhance your product. Who knew these elements we can actually sell well.


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