Photo Hunting Tips When Traveling

Photo Hunting Tips When Traveling

Photography traveling is not easy, and inexpensive, especially if the target is out of town and even abroad. In order snap agenda to a maximum when traveling, just follow the tips below.

We went traveling because it was a holiday, or business trip out of town and overseas. Sometimes, we have many things to do while racing with a limited time. One is a picture taken when traveling.

Bring home photos of the destination, it becomes a sweet memories to show a friend and family. We compiled nine tips hunting photos when traveling. Although time is limited, but the results can be maximized:

1. Learn the agenda

Good trip, business or pleasure, you know your agenda to detail his time. Make sure there are at least half a day to be free to take pictures. It would be great if the opportunity up to a full day to pamper your beloved camera.

2. Do research on your destination

Find out a little research about the city that will be addressed, in particular interesting places. Do not waste time taking pictures in a place that is visually unappealing.

Small-scale research can be done through the internet by reading and looking at the photos that have been produced previously by others in that place. You can also check first to Flickr, Picasso, Stockphoto, or other sites that specifically attach pictures gallery. This includes how the composition of a photo, picture angle, direction of light etc. to be the inspiration.

3. Note the time the trip is done

Do not dwell on the technical data but notice the camera shooting time. Is the morning, afternoon or evening, what time and so on. Note also the season when the destination is overseas, whether summer or winter.

If you fit the photographed object game morning, then it will be the first trip as a quick start traveling. And so on until a time sequence ends in the evening. So by studying photos of the resulting time series, illustrated maps from your short trip somewhere, right?

4. Check the calendar of activities

Ask local residents, hotel receptionist or check on the internet. Who knows, there are cultural events and festivals that coincide with your visit to the town / abroad. If it's interesting, it can be a major priority of the current favorite camera took a walk.

5. Determine route

After doing a little research, make the route as effectively as possible to where they will go. Whether using the bus, subway, taxi or rent a vehicle. It would be lucky to meet a local guide, for example co-workers in the area who volunteered to escort you.

This route is important to make the time sequence of the photos show. Scale up from morning till night. Make sure the place that will be addressed while everything possible to consult a guide or someone you trust. If you love street photography, make sure that the route of passing places and able to summarize the wealth of local culture such as architecture and human interest.

6. Postcards and maps can help

When she reached the spot to be addressed, there is no harm in looking for a book store or stores that provide postcards with pictures of local attractions. Notice in the picture postcard, perhaps could be a reference in the brief hunting later.

Do not forget to look for local tourist maps. Who knew there was an additional reference to hunting. This map can also be used for material property at the photos later.

7. Relaxed

When the execution of a photo in the field, stay relaxed do not rush to squeeze the camera. Make sure you control the image that will be generated from the camera technical data, control field to record the visible atmosphere.

8. Bring backup camera

Bring at least one backup camera. Backup camera is very useful when the main camera is an error/damage. If necessary, bring also a crucial condition for a pocket camera, say 2 main camera suddenly not work.

For those who use DSLR cameras, at least bring the 2 lens wide lens and normal lens. Lens for under 50mm wide and normal lenses between 50mm to 70mm on a film camera paradigm 35mm/full frame.

9. Bring a camera with a large memory

Do not forget to bring your camera memory with a large capacity, say up to 32 GB. Large memory to accommodate the largest image size (Large) when shooting. Using the size of the biggest current short hunting does not hurt to anticipate cropping when editing images.

Happy hunting photos when traveling!


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