6 Tips Photographing Faces With Typical Characteristics

Sometimes we are asked to photograph the face of a friend or acquaintance who has the typical facial characteristics (in terms of less well, for example: a snub nose, chubby cheeks, big ears, etc.) - because no one is perfect.

6 Tips Photographing Faces With Typical Characteristics

We can try some techniques for certain shots my friend still looks okay, shooting technique is aimed at reducing the "negative effects" of the characteristics that have been mentioned earlier.

The following tips:
- If your friend's head bald, shoot from a low angle (camera kinda looked up) and if you use additional lighting, make sure that there is no source of light that bounces on its head
- If the face has wrinkles a lot or a lot of acne, use a light source direction from the front, not from the side. Light coming from the side will make it wrinkle texture
- If your friend big ears, set them to pose only one ear that looks and try to ears that look does not look obtrusive
- If your friend's pug, shoot from the front and set the pose that face staring straight ahead.
- If your friend has doubled chin, adjust his pose that looked straight into the camera and keep your head slightly tilted forward so that the chin crease reduced
- If the friend hefty chubby face, you know that a diet (he he) and configure it so that pose looked askew to the right or the left, but do not get straight to the side, just a little askew.

Note: the photo above is just an example, the model is beautiful and there is no problem whatsoever with her.


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