5 Dimensions Photography Journalism

5 Dimensions Photography Journalism

Photographed here there can addictive. Yap photography activity for some people can become addictive.

There are just some that make the hobby as a profession. Especially for those who work as a journalistic photographer, every snap attempted to be useful.

Consider the 5 dimensions of journalistic photography Enny Nuraheni (Reuters Chief Photographer Indonesia) below. Who knows, may increase knowledge and inspire you in charge.

1. Photographers journalism should not leave his camera wherever he went. Precious moments captured slightest obligation. If it was not an impromptu coverage, try and have a picture angle frames to be taken, so that it can prepare the caption (photo caption) from the house. This is necessary in order to quickly send a message so as not to be outdone by other news agencies.

2. Each photographer vulnerable spinal cord injury or spinal column, caused by too often carry heavy loads for many years little attention conditions. Prevention can be done with sports, especially swimming. Because the swim move all limbs at once can make relax.

3. Mental stress often occurs after the coverage, particularly in the areas of disaster and conflict. Especially women, definitely faster touched when you see things that are sad. Mental readiness shall be prepared. It takes time to adjust mental condition to be more calm again as usual. One way to fill a spiritual or a walk to calm down into a groove.

4. Mastering the camera settings and do not just dare to play in the setting of the course. Now, photographers have been spoiled with the quick-paced technology, but still have to study the manual and understand the type and nature of the camera. Photographers journalism is also not only a photographer, but also at the same time think like a reporter. Adeptly draft story so that it can create a picture of the information available.

5. Committed Professionals Price Becoming Dead, especially in a foreign news agency. If mentally incapable, it would drop and eventually leave the profession. Indeed, there is a risk to be able to share with the family. Each no sacrifice. Family support indispensable for full dedication to the search of information does not know the time and place.


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