This Is Why Tripods Are Important For Photography

This Is Why Tripods Are Important For Photography

The tripod is such a great addition to your camera gear. For many photographers it's a must have piece in their photography kit.

Simply put, a tripod is a three-legged stand that helps to ensure your camera is steady so that when you take a picture it doesn't come out blurry.

Tripods are especially helpful when you don't have a steady hand or are shooting in low-light conditions.

In lower light conditions require you to adjust your camera settings in order to get a good exposure. Oftentimes, this involves slowing your shutter speed. And if your shutter speed is slower camera movement can create blurry images.

There are many tripod types available for your specific needs from large tripods used by landscape and architectural photographers to small table top tripods used for product photography.

There are even portable, and bendable, tripods you can throw in your camera bag that can wrap around poles and other stationary structures like the GorillaPod by JobyThis Is Why Tripods Are Important For Photography.

Remember that with most tripods, you get what you pay for. Many of the higher end tripods also require that you purchase a separate head that attaches to the camera.

Don't forget that you can also be creative, if your budget doesn't allow for a good tripod, and set your camera on stable objects like ladders and tables. Just make sure they're stable so you don't damage your camera!


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