Samsung PL150, Suitable for Narcissistic

Samsung PL150, Suitable for Narcissistic

The gadget is suitable for a narcissist, because the existing two-screen technology on Samsung PL150 allows you to take photos of yourself without the hassle. 1.5-inch screen at the front to control the image, whether the pictures taken was appropriate.

There are interesting features such as Self Portrait (still & movie), Couple Shot and Children Mode. Samsung PL150 also features a unique feature called 'Jump Shot' ie with the self-timer function that gives you time to prepare before taking the photo automatically three shots at once.

Now you no longer have to bother with using a tripod to get the perfect picture. Infusion of soft color to the body PL150 refine your style. Body-back tile innovative easy to take photos without using a tripod. This pocket camera is flexible for use inside or outside the room. For the purposes of taking pictures landscape or friends around the table, 27 mm wide angle lens with 5x optical zoom gives you a broader view. Recording a landscape picture, photos perniakahan and tall buildings without having to retreat to the rear.

Smart Lens Filters Samsung and color effects provide an artistic touch on your shooting pictures and video. Tilt & Shift lens effect which is available to give the impression of a miniature on your subject, camera vignetting effects provide interesting contrast to the strong composition and the effect of a video featuring Fish-Eye distortion is cool. And the effect of color capable of doing sketch and defog, providing layers of expressive or color that is so sharp in every shot you.


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