Improve your Photography Techniques

Some tips on improving your photographic techniques. Here's the review.

1. A flexible lighting because of built in flash can not be in use in all situations. Use the external flash, a diffuser (a softer flash light), the second flash lamp so that light like in the studio.

2. Expand the view with the wide converter, panorama (photo objects and incorporate in some segments in the PC).

3. Camera filter to produce everything in want of a slingshot. Use a polarizer filter (to avoid the reflection that does not want so much bright color), UV filter (to reduce the effects of UV reflectance due to fog), gradual ND filter (to balance the picture with a contrasting background.)

4. Photographic images for more detail, you could use the extra zoom on compact cameras (digital zoom, but image quality is less), add Teleconverter on a pocket camera and maro converter to improve the macro function so as to obtain a photo image on a new dimension.

5. Use the LCD better for photographs to better exposure in the sun. The equipment include: hood LCD (showing a better contrast in the sun), cardboard tube tissue to withstand sunlight.

6. Camera filters to shore up the camera if you want to do a longer exposure using a variety of tripod that is: lightweight, mini and monopod.

7. Camera filter for outdoor photos must have a minimum of 2 persons or more to work on shooting by using a reflector folding or take advantage of the wall / white colored cloth at the portrait along with the object.


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