Pentax X5 Specification and Features

Pentax X-5 is a digital camera. Offering a focal-length coverage from 22.3mm ultra-wide angle to 580mm super telephoto, the Pentax X5 also features a 16 megapixel BSI sensor, 3-inch tilting LCD screen, electronic viewfinder, full 1080p HD video, and 10fps burst shooting. Regarding its price and stock availability to be confirmed.

Pentax X5 Specification and Features


PENTAX RICOH IMAGING UK LTD. is pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX X-5 digital bridge camera. With its 26x optical zoom lens covering ultra-wide-angle to super-telephoto ranges, this all-in-one digital camera lets photographers capture beautiful, high-quality images of a wide variety of subjects and scenes with minimal effort.

The PENTAX X-5 26x zoom lens offers great focal-length coverage from 22.3mm ultra-wide angle to 580mm super telephoto (in the 35mm format).

In addition, the lens features a 1cm Macro mode, which lets the photographer capture dramatic close-up images of a subject from just one centimetre away.

The lens also has an Intelligent Zoom function, which extends the camera’s zoom coverage to approximately 187.2 times (for a focal length of 4174mm in the 35mm format) without compromising image quality.

Major Features

1. Back-illuminated CMOS image sensor
The X-5 incorporates a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. With a top sensitivity of ISO 6400 and approximately 16.0 effective megapixels, the X-5 demonstrates remarkably high-sensitivity, low-noise characteristics and assures high-speed image data readout to deliver super-high-resolution images. The X-5 also features a state-of-the-art imaging engine. Supported by the latest Super Resolution technology, this engine offers outstanding image-processing performance to produce clear, high-quality images with well-defined details. In addition, its unique Handheld Night Scene shooting mode helps the photographer capture a blur-free night-time image by taking multiple images at once and synthesizing them into a single composite picture.

2. Large, tilting LCD monitor
The X-5 comes equipped with a large 3.0-inch, high-definition LCD monitor with approximately 460,000 dots. Its construction allows the photographer to tilt the monitor up and down and set it at the angle easiest for viewing. It also provides a clear view of images and menus displayed on the screen to assure a quick, effortless check of recorded images and swift, error-free setting changes.

3. Dual shake-reduction system
The X-5’s dual shake-reduction system couples the PENTAX- developed sensor-shift-type SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism with a digital SR mode to more effectively compensate for annoying camera shake. This hybrid system ensures the photographer captures sharp, blur-free images even under demanding shooting conditions, such as when using a telephoto lens, shooting in poorly lit locations, or photographing sunset scenes.

4. Electronic viewfinder with dioptre adjustment
The X-5 features an electronic viewfinder, which comes in handy when shooting a subject in harsh backlight or when the photographer needs a more solid hold of the camera. Its dioptre adjustment mechanism gives the user the clearest view of both subject and viewfinder display, while minimising eye fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

5. Powered by easy-to-obtain AA batteries
The X-5 is powered by four AA-size batteries, which can be easily obtained almost anywhere around the world, so there’s no need to worry about battery shortages, even when on the road. Thanks to its power-efficient design, the X-5 can capture approximately 330 images* with a fresh set of alkaline batteries, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes, particularly in the middle of important shooting sessions.
* Measured under testing conditions conforming to the CIPA standards.

6. Full HD-standard movie recording
The X-5 features a Full HD movie recording function employing the H-264 recording format. Users can capture high-quality, extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels at a 16:9 aspect ratio) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The camera also offers creative movie playback features, such as High-speed Movie mode** for slow-motion playback and Time-lapse Movie mode** for fast-forward playback. A micro-HDMI terminal (Type D) is also provided on the camera body for the output of recorded movies and sound to external devices.
** In these modes, the recorded size is fixed at VGA dimensions (640 x 480 pixels).

7. User-friendly Auto Picture and Quick-set mode dial
The X-5 features the PENTAX-original Auto Picture mode, which automatically assesses the subject’s conditions and selects the most appropriate shooting mode from 16 distinctive shooting modes, including Landscape, Portrait, Candlelight and Pet. It even comes with the Auto Macro function, which automatically switches the focus mode to Macro when it detects a subject positioned a short distance away. The X-5 lets the user quickly and effortlessly select the desired shooting mode — from a total of 10 modes including the hands-off Auto Picture, Scene, Programme, Manual, Landscape and Handheld Night Snap — with a single turn of the mode dial, without having to access the on-screen menu.

9. Other features
• Remote control operation using a PENTAX optional remote controller
• High-speed burst shooting of up to 10 images per second, for a maximum of 30 images in a single sequence
• 12 digital filters including Miniature and Toy Camera to add creative touches to captured images
• A range of creative image-processing tools including Stretch filter, Small Face filter and Collage function.
• A choice of three aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9 and 1:1) to accommodate specific applications
• Image viewing, editing and filing software included: MediaImpression 3.5 for PENTAX (Windows version compatible with Windows 7) and MediaImpression 2.1 for PENTAX (Macintosh version compatible with Mac OS X 10.7)
• Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless LAN SD memory cards

Optional Accessory
O-CC129 Camera Case
Exclusively designed for the X-5, this camera case is made of a soft, elastic neoprene material to protect the camera body and its LCD monitor from abrasions and scratches. Its exterior flat pocket comes in handy for storing small items.

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